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Hen Parties

Will anyone else offer you a money back guarantee?
Price per person £59.00 inc 50 cartridges and clays.

Hen Party

In our experience Hen Parties are the most enjoyable, fun filled and rewarding events that we run. Unlike the macho men, the ladies are often worried about Shooting in general, let alone holding and firing a Shotgun. At the bottom of this page we have listed the most frequently asked questions and answered them with how we operate at Lee Leisure Entertainment Ltd.

From an instructors point of view there can be no better reward than to have a lady who starts the day shaking, end up asking you to recommend her to a Shooting ground near her home town, so she can take the sport up as a hobby.

The instructors at Lee Leisure Entertainment Ltd treat each person as an individual, they will take as much time and patience as required relaxing you and coaching you to hit the targets consistently. They also have a great sense of humour and will hopefully get you laughing whilst joining in with the banter.

How the day is run

Bookings can be taken for full or half days, most Hen parties are booked for a half-day, either morning or afternoon 11am to approx 1.30pm and 1.30pm to approx 4pm. Start and finish times can be altered to fit in with your days schedule, each person attending can expect to Shoot a minimum of 60 targets with all the equipment and instructors included in the price.

The day starts with a practice session; each group is divided into teams of no more than 6 people and allocated an instructor. Your instructor will coach you through a series of different targets spending as much time as necessary with each person, tea and coffee are available throughout on a help yourself basis. Once everybody is happy and confident with what they are doing we will start a competition for the whole group. Trophies and prizes can be purchased separately at a very reasonable price. The presentation at the end gives you the ideal opportunity to get the perfect picture to remember the day.

On request but at no extra charge digital photographs can be taken throughout the day, and a CD posted in time for the wedding reception.

Night Clubs

Our Shooting ground is situated between Milton Keynes and Luton, both of which have some excellent nightlife, and accommodation.

We are approximately 45 minutes from London City Centre

Most frequently asked questions

Is it going to hurt me? My friend did it and got a bruise on her shoulder.
There are 4 main reasons why a Shotgun will bruise you

1. The gun has not been fitted to you.
2. You have not been shown how to hold it correctly.
3. The cartridges being used are too powerful for a novice
4.Your instructor has not been professionally trained.

At Lee Leisure Entertainment Ltd it is standard procedure for all the instructors to professionally select the guns used for each individual. The client is shown the correct way to hold the gun and the sight picture needed to break the target. Low recoil cartridges are used for all participants, and gel pads can be issued to persons of petite stature ensuring a comfortable experience.

What about the noise?

Every person taking part will have to wear ear defenders; this is compulsory so a variety of ear protection is supplied. Electronic ear defenders are often offered as a substitute to the client when it is their turn to shoot; this enables the client and the coach to speak to each other in private without raising their voices.

What should I wear?

Sensible clothing according to the weather, if you are coming to our Shooting ground you will not have to wear Wellingtons or boots however it is not advisable to wear high heels.
Try and avoid wearing a Bra with a metal clasp near the shoulder pocket.
Shooting jackets will be supplied.

I don’t think I will do very well. Will I hit anything?

We have never had a person leave us without hitting targets, if you have tried it before and hit nothing; it was probably your teacher’s fault and not yours. At Lee Leisure Entertainment we pride ourselves on good professional instruction that is second to none, especially with novice Shooters. We now offer a money back guarantee to all our clients.

I wear Glasses will this handicap me?

This is not normally a problem; even so we have many ways of compensating in order that clients may see the correct sight picture.
Master eyes are checked before any Shooting starts to give each person an equal chance to do well

Legal requirements

At Lee Leisure Entertainment Ltd you do not have to be a Shotgun certificate holder to shoot at our ground, we hold a police permission to allow us to teach novice shooters. However we cannot allow anyone to shoot who has consumed alcohol or drugs prior to the event or is prohibited by law from holding a firearm. We would ask that the organiser makes this clear to all persons attending.

Hen Parties and Weekends

We also offer an excellent mobile events service.

Please contact us for more information.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will clients be allowed to use our shooting facilities if they have consumed alcohol or drugs prior to arrival or whilst on our shooting ground. We would ask the organisers to check that all persons taking part in clay shooting events are not a prohibited person under the firearms act 1968-1997.

We accept the following Debit cards.
Accepted Credit Cards, Maestro, Solo, Switch, JCB, Visa, Mastercard
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